Special Health Care Needs Dentistry in Mechanicsburg, PA

What Is Special Health Care Needs Dentistry? 

Special health care needs is a specialization in dentistry that focuses on delivering much-needed oral health care to patients who have special mental, physical, emotional, or developmental needs. 

At our Mechanicsburg office, we provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients with special health care needs and use special tools to make the treatment process easier and quicker. Your child is free to express themselves in our office, which is why we hold themed costume days that allow your child to be creative. 

If your child has special health care needs, we would be more than happy to accommodate them in any way necessary. Contact us at Smilehaus Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nana Odoom today.

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What To Expect At Your Child's Exam

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Oral Check-up

You should begin taking your child to the dentist by the time they receive their first tooth or turn 1 year old. At your child’s exam, our Mechanicsburg team will check all of their teeth to look for signs of oral health problems like tooth decay or gum disease. 

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Dental Cleaning

We will then perform a dental cleaning and apply a fluoride varnish to their teeth to protect them from cavities. X-rays are typically taken every 3 years or when needed to diagnose specific problems. You can rest assured that this process is completely painless and non-invasive.

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Available Dental Sedation

We offer dental sedation to all of our patients, no matter how routine or minimally invasive the treatment is. This can relieve dental anxiety, restlessness, those with a sensitive gag reg reflex, low pain tolerance, and tooth sensitivity. It can also make it easier for children who find it difficult to keep their mouths open for a long period.

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What Special health care Needs Accommodations Do We Provide?

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Special health care needs accommodations can mean the use of sedation, minimally invasive techniques, and careful explanations of what we are doing so they are put at ease. We have created a welcoming and inclusive dental home for children of all walks of life, no matter what their needs are. 

Your child is in safe hands at Smilehaus Pediatric Dentistry. Our Mechanicsburg team is specially trained in child development and special health care needs, so we will maintain open, honest, and positive communication the whole way through so your child loves going to the dentist. We can help work with you to schedule appointments that would be most convenient for your child.

what are the Benefits Of A Special health care Needs Dentist in Mechanicsburg?

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A special health care needs dentist has undergone at least 2 additional years of education and training to pursue a specialization. This makes a special health care needs dentist more qualified in tailoring the dental care experience to children who have additional or specific needs that cannot be met by a general dentist.

We can ensure that dental appointments go smoothly and your child feels positive about dental care. We communicate positively and explain things clearly so your child is never out of the loop or taken for a surprise. 

Children with special health care needs are often at an increased risk for oral health problems such as tooth decay and cavities due to sensory, dexterity, or behavioral issues that may make caring for the teeth more difficult. 

They may also consume diets higher in sugar if parents use it as a reward. Our Mechanicsburg team can help develop a tailored oral health plan that will address any concerns you have about your child's oral health and we can develop alternative means of caring for their teeth that will fit into your daily life more easily. 

Having a dental home where your child feels understood and free to express themselves is likely to form a positive impression early on, which is important when it comes to caring for their teeth and gums.