Pediatric Dental Crowns in Mechanicsburg, PA

What Are Pediatric Dental Crowns?

A pediatric dental crown is a protective cap for your child’s tooth. If your child has a decayed, damaged, or broken tooth, they will need to protect the tooth from further breakage to prevent tooth loss. 

Baby teeth are very important for tooth functionality, smile aesthetics, and maintaining your tooth alignment. They hold space for the permanent tooth to erupt through when it’s time. This is why it’s important to prevent oral health problems and protect vulnerable teeth from needing an extraction

Baby teeth are thinner which means they’re more prone to cavities and tooth decay spread more easily into the deeper layers of the tooth, compromising its integrity. If your child has a decayed, infected, or damaged tooth, they will need to get the problem treated and then the best way to protect the tooth until it naturally falls out. 

Pediatric crowns can be placed on deciduous and permanent teeth. Give us a call at Smilehaus Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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Baby teeth are important because, without them, your other teeth will begin to shift.

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Our Dental Crown Placement Process

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Dr. Odoom will perform an oral exam on your child’s teeth and take x-rays to look for signs of infection, decay, or damage that may need to be treated before receiving crowns.

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Administering sedation

If your child gets anxious when going to the dentist, they can be sedated to relax them for this treatment. However, your child will receive a local anesthetic so they won’t feel any pain.

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Decay Removal

Once your child’s mouth is numbed, we will drill into their tooth to remove any tooth decay from the tooth.

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Selecting Materials

Depending on the reason a crown is needed, the location of the tooth, and your child’s goals, we will have an open discussion about your options for crown materials and make a recommendation.

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Crown Placement

Pediatric crowns are pre-fitted so they are already fabricated and come in various sizes. We can mold the crown to your tooth so it fits and will cement it into place.

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 A pediatric crown can prevent your child’s tooth from being extracted.

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Types of Crowns We Provide

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Stainless Steel

A stainless steel crown has been the gold standard to protect baby teeth for many years. This is because the metal materials provide superior strength and durability for severely decayed and damaged teeth. This material will protect your child’s tooth from chewing forces and are very resistant to damage. 

However, because they are silver in color, they are typically preferred for the rear molars, which don’t show when your child smiles. The rear molars are used for chewing and undergo much more force so it’s important to use a durable material to protect these teeth.

White Zirconia

Zirconia crowns are tooth-colored which provides better aesthetics for the front teeth compared to stainless steel crowns. While they are not as strong or durable as metal crowns, zirconia is the most durable ceramic material.

 Since zirconia is a metal-free material, this is also a great option for children who are allergic to metal. White crowns are more commonly placed in the front teeth but can also be used in the back teeth, though they may have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to stainless steel.

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How Long Do Pediatric Crowns Last?

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Pediatric crowns are made of durable materials that are built to last until the baby tooth naturally falls out, which is at least several years. If a crown was placed over a baby tooth, it should last for the rest of the tooth’s lifespan and never need to be replaced.

It will naturally fall out with the tooth and be replaced by a permanent tooth. No further treatment should be needed. If the crown was placed over a damaged permanent tooth, then it should last for at least 4 years. Once your child is old enough, it may eventually need to be replaced with an adult crown.

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A crown may be recommended to cover a large filling or a tooth that has received a pulpotomy.

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