Pediatric Sedation in Mechanicsburg, PA

How Does Pediatric Sedation Work?

Pediatric sedation uses various sedative medication to keep kids feeling safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Depending on the type of sedation, your child may breathe in a special gas, take a liquid or pill-based sedative, or even get an IV injection.

Sedation helps kids get the dental care they need, and is particularly popular for kids who have dental anxiety, or who may be nervous about a dental procedure like a filling. Dr. Nana Odoom is an experienced pediatric sedation dentist here in Mechanicsburg. She can help your child get the care they need in a child-friendly, safe, and comforting environment. Contact us now to schedule a consultation at Smile Haus Pediatric Dentistry.

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It’s estimated that between 5% and 20% of kids have dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry can help kids with anxiety and keep them comfortable during their appointment.

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The Sedation Process: What To Expect

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Sedation Preparation

Dr. Odoom will let you know if you need to do anything special to prepare for your child’s sedation. For example, they may need to fast (avoid eating and drinking) before their appointment.


Administering sedation

Sedation may be delivered with a nose mask (nitrous oxide), a pill or liquid sedative (oral conscious sedation), or with IV sedation/General Anesthesia. Each type of sedation has different effects, but they will all help your child get the dental care they need.

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Monitoring your child

Our Mechanicsburg team will monitor your child closely throughout their appointment, and for a little while after their procedure. This ensures that they're completely safe throughout the process.

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Aftercare and after-effects

Different types of sedation have different after-effects. Nitrous oxide, for example, wears off within a few minutes, while oral conscious sedation and IV sedation may take 4-6 hours or longer. Follow Dr. Odoom’s instructions to make sure your child’s recovery goes smoothly.

Types Of Sedation We Provide

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Laughing Gas

Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is the most popular form of sedation for kids. It helps them rest, relax, and stay comfortable, and it doesn’t require any needles or pills. Your child will just breathe in through a nose mask during their procedure. Laughing gas also wears off within just a few minutes, so it’s great if your child has to go back to school, or if you have a busy schedule.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation uses a pill or liquid sedative that will make your child feel tired, groggy, and sleepy. They may sleep through their appointment, or forget most of what happens. This makes it better for really nervous kids. It takes longer to wear off, though.

IV Sedation

IV sedation uses the same medication as oral conscious sedation, but they are delivered through a needle. Your child will sleep through their appointment at our Mechanicsburg office. However, they won’t be unconscious. They can still respond to commands and be woken up, if necessary.

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When Is Sedation Commonly Used For Pediatric Patients?

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Sedation is commonly used for pediatric patients during treatments like fillings, or any other invasive treatment. However, if your child has severe dental anxiety and Dr. Odoom thinks your child can benefit from sedation, we will be providing you with the best steps to move forward.

Is Pediatric Sedation Safe?

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Yes. Dr. Odoom has years of training with nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation/General Anesthesia. You can trust her expertise throughout your child’s appointment. Before she approves your child for sedation, she will also discuss your child’s health history and medications they're taking with you, and she will make sure they're a good candidate for pediatric sedation in Mechanicsburg.