Silver Diamine Fluoride in Mechanicsburg, PA

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride? 

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a special type of fluoride treatment that not only prevents the formation of cavities but also reverses early-stage tooth decay. 

The silver in SDF is antibacterial, the fluoride remineralizes the teeth to increase strength and resistance to acid attacks, and the ammonia increases the concentration of these substances to increase the effectiveness of the cavity-fighting properties. 

SDF is both a preventative and a restorative tool since it can be used to fight against cavities before or after they have formed. Contact us at Smilehaus Pediatric Dentistry to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nana Odoom.

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What To Expect: The SDF Process

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Dr. Odoom will examine your child’s teeth and take x-rays to ensure that the tooth decay hasn’t penetrated beneath the enamel layer.

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Remove Moisture

The tooth will be thoroughly dried with cotton rolls or compressed air. 

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Apply SDF

After isolating the cavity, SDF solution will be applied with a micro brush and carefully cover all areas of the cavity. Excess SDF will be removed with gauze or cotton rolls. This solution is left on for at least one minute and shouldn’t come into contact with other tissues or teeth. 

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Dry The Tooth

The tooth will be dried again using compressed air after the SDF has been left on for at least one minute.

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SDF may be reapplied within 6 months to 1 year. 

Have questions about SDF? Find answers here.

What Are The Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

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Prevents Cavities & Reverses Decay
SDF has shown to be much more effective at arresting cavities than regular fluoride varnish and is the only fluoride treatment that can actually reverse active tooth decay. The ammonia in the SDF kills the bacteria which prevents the cavities from spreading to the surrounding teeth.

Noninvasive & Painless
The biggest advantage of SDF is how noninvasive the treatment is. It doesn’t involve any needles, drills, or anesthetic. All we need to do is apply a solution to your child’s tooth and let it dry which is completely painless. This reduces dental anxiety in patients who are scared of the dentist, drills, or needles. It’s also a great option for patients with special health care needs or low pain tolerance. 

Cost Effective & Simple
SDF only takes a few minutes to perform from start to finish and it’s much more cost-effective than restorative treatments like dental fillings. This only needs to be done about once a year and is a great option for patients short on time and who can rarely get dental treatment.

Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Hurt? 

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No, the SDF application process is completely non-invasive and totally painless. No anesthetic is needed because we do not use any needles, drills, or other invasive dental tools. 

A simple solution will be applied to your child’s tooth and is left on for about a minute before drying the tooth. That’s it, all done! This is a revolutionary way to treat cavities in children with dental anxiety or who are hesitant to seek treatment because of scary dental tools.

Does SDF Help My Child Avoid Additional Treatment?

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Yes, since SDF prevents the formation of new cavities and stops early tooth decay in its tracks, SDF is an excellent preventative treatment that keeps tooth decay at bay. This reduces the cost and time associated with responding to extensive tooth decay by eliminating the need for fillings, root canals, and extractions.